Latest Update


A number of new medieval English manuscripts digitised through Centre of Excellence partnerships are now catalogued and available to view in the Rylands Medieval Collection in LUNA.

The manuscripts include nine items from Chetham’s Library here in Manchester and three from the Brotherton Library, Leeds.

From Chetham’s

  • Chetham’s MS Mun.A.2.160,  Bible N.T. English (Middle English) Wycliffe (early 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS.Mun.A.6.90,  Polycronicon (late 14th – early 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS.Mun.A.4.104,  Lydgate’s Life of Our Lady etc.  (late 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS.Mun.A.4.107,  Mandeville’s travels (early 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS Mun.A.6.31,  Ipomadon, etc.  (mid-late 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS Mun.A.4.99,  Astrologica (mid 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS Mun.A.3.127,  Medical Recipes (in English)  (late 15th – early 16th century)
  • Chetham’s MS Mun.A.2.166,  Life of Christ (early 15th century)
  • Chetham’s MS Mun.A.7.1,  Mirror of the Life of Christ (mid 15th century)

From the Brotherton Library, Leeds

  • Brotherton Collection MS 500,  Prick of Conscience (14th – 15th century)
  • Brotherton Collection MS 501,  Miscellany of Middle English religious verse and prose (mid 15th century)
  • Brotherton Collection MS 502,  Festial of English Sermons (late 15th century)

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