First day at Petworth House

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

First day at Petworth House in Sussex has been a complete success.  After setting off on Sunday morning we managed to be at the House to have a free tour of the house and see its vast collections and history.  The house is partly opened to the public through the National Trust and also still a working house which is inhabited by the Egremont Family.

With an early start yesterday we met the National Trust conservator Ylva who gave us a great insight into the history of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  After Elaine and Ylva made a bespoke book cover to protect the velvet binding, we then proceeded with the main bulk of the digitisation.

Later in the day after a very successful session we were then told of the BBC wanting to cover the story of the Digitisation.  With the BBC booked for a Four o’clock interview, Carol was then interviewed by Spirit FM in the meantime just to add to the commotion of the day!  We couldn’t have hoped for a better first day as all of the Recto (front facing) images had been completed ahead of schedule.

All of the staff at Petworth house have been very accommodating and helpful making the nature of our work a pleasure especially in such a wonderful location and structure. 


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