Latest Project – Victorian Scrapbooks – MMU

Our latest project is almost complete after a couple of weeks of being on site at All Saints campus library at MMU.  It has been a project to digitise some of the university’s Victorian Scrapbooks that they have been storing and preserving there for a number of years.  In total there was about 2000 images taken over the couple weeks which will now be edited and then processed onto suitable media for use by the University.  Here is some information about the scrapbooks…

The Sir Harry Page Collection of Victorian Scrapbooks, Albums and Commonplace Books was purchased by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in 1987. Harry Page (1911-1985), City Treasurer to Manchester City Council, compiled the collection between 1953 and his death in 1985. The core collection consists of 276 bound albums and commonplace books created between 1752 and 1935, the majority being from the 19th century and emanating from families based in the North West of England. Page’s stated focus was “scrap-books, not too late, nor relying too much on the press”, his objective being to collect “the kind of thing which young ladies wrote, and painted in, or decorated with prints and scraps.” In reality the collection grew beyond Page’s initial intentions to encompass travel diaries, sketch books of topographical and architectural drawings, school exercise books, albums of verse and of silhouettes. However, Page remained discriminating in the quality of the albums he collected and a distinct authorial sensibility can be detected in many of the albums.

Each of the 276 albums is a unique and eclectic compilation, combining manuscript material, drawings, paintings and printed material with fine examples of Victorian lithography, caricature and cartoons, postcards, greetings cards, photography and ephemera. Many of the albums have fine contemporary bindings.

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