Hyperspectral Imaging

Next Monday, Prof. David Foster and research associate Kijiro Amano from the Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing Group, (part of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), will be visiting the Deansgate studio with their Hyperspectral imaging  system.

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) combines conventional imaging and spectroscopy to obtain spatial and spectral information from a scene. One form of HSI system combines a monochromatic high-resolution digital camera and a spectrally tunable liquid-crystal filter placed in front or behind the lens. This technology is used in various applications in remote sensing, agriculture, medicine, surveillance and scientific research. The availability of spectral information at each image pixel can be used to identify and segment materials using their unique spectral signatures, something that is not possible with conventional RGB imaging devices.

The goal of this project is to improve the performance of an HSI system. Experimental measurements are being made with synthetic surfaces to explore the problems of low signals at short wavelengths, the effect of long-wavelength leakage, spatial non-uniformities in the response of the imaging system, and the effectiveness of calibration standards.

Examples of hyperspectral images are available as Matlab files for download.”

Contact:D. H. Foster
Email: d.h.foster@manchester.ac.uk

With the system, we will be photographing our famous St. Christoper woodcut (LUNA record), with the hope of revealing a hidden watermark. By finding this, it is hoped we will be able to clear up a long running disagreement about the date of the printing.We hope to be able to use the system in the future, and even offer this method of imaging as a special service.

St. Christoper Woodcut

St. Christoper Woodcut


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