Project Update

The project is now over the half way stage, and everything is going very well. We have a couple of big interesting things in the pipeline that will take us to the end of the year. We will soon be working at Tatton Park, digitising various music manuscripts. We will be working in much the same way as we were at Petworth, using a public space to carry out the work. We will be advertising another ‘digitisation day’ as part of this. September sees us return to Manchester Museum to photograph the taxidermy mammals individually, a task which will require us to create a studio in the gallery.

The Team recently attended the 6th Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA) Conference, at the University of Cambridge. We gave various talks over the 2 days we were there, offering advice and showing the services we offer, and the technology we use. It was very interesting for us to attend the conference and meet others who are working in the field of digitisation, albeit on a different level. It was especially interesting to meet the Team from Cambridge who are using full spectral imaging techniques to photograph the Mingana-Lewis Palimpsest. Also giving a paper was Micheal Toth, of the Walters Art Museum, who was resposible for the same full spectral imaging of the Archimedes Palimpsest.  This is something we are eager to know more about, and will be following the progress of the Cambridge project very closely.

We will be working very closely over the next few months with Gwen Jones, the photographer for the Rylands Imaging Service, in curating a small exhibition about some of our recent findings in the glass plate negative collections, and other photography related material. More on this soon.

Lastly, you may have noticed the change of the header title. The project has undergone a name change, and instead of CODEX, we are now CHICC, The Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care. The new name encompasses the project aims much more: we felt that CODEX was a little too specific to books and manuscripts. The blog address will stay the same for now.


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