Digitising the endangered archives of Grenada

Next month, James our senior photographer will be flying out to Grenada in the Caribbean, to assist and advise on a digitisation project led by Dr Laurence Brown of the University of Manchester. Before the digitisation project began, we advised on the right equipment to purchase, and gave some basic tips for digitising the archives.

The archives were close to destruction in 2004 when hurricane Ivan devastated the Caribbean Islands.

From the BL;

“The project seeks to digitise the unique historical archives of Grenada which record the island’s significance at the intersection of the British and French Empires during the second half of the eighteenth century, and provide a rare vision of how the Windward Islands experienced the transition from slavery to emancipation during the mid-nineteenth century.”

Hopefully, I’ll get time to go for a swim and check out the underwater statues too!

Some of Grenada's underwater statues. Jason deCaires Taylor http://www.underwatersculpture.com/


One thought on “Digitising the endangered archives of Grenada

  1. KellieAnn says:

    These impressed me quite a bit! So I did more research.

    This is the work of Jason deCaires Taylor. Please credit the artist.

    Jason deCaires Taylor

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