Tatton Hall Collection

The team have been working in Tatton Hall over the past week digitising a number of manuscripts. The public will be able to see us in action as we’re working from a room at the historic mansion until 29 October.  The first piece which was completed last week was that of Nehemiah Wallington, who lived between 1598-1658, filled 50 notebooks in which he documented his own philosophies on life, religion, the civil war and witchcraft trials of the period.  One of the handwritten notebooks is kept at Tatton and is the only copy in existence.
The other manuscripts are that of Henry Purcell, a 17th century Baroque Composer and organist.  The four Purcell volumes contain anthems, odes, opera’s and other pieces, transcribed from the composer’s original manuscript by Oxford Professor Philip Hayes in the 1780s.  One volume contains a piece of music entitled ‘The noise of foreign wars’  which is the earliest and only transcript from
the original in existence.  Images to follow soon!

Jamie (CHICC photographer), Caroline (Collections Manager at Tatton) & Anna (CHICC Cataloguer) on the roof of Tatton Hall.


3 thoughts on “Tatton Hall Collection

  1. […] English Civil War diary of Nehemiah Wallington, digitised at Tatton Park last year, is now wonderfully cataloged and available online for free. you can find the full manuscript, […]

  2. jwrobinson says:

    We are working very hard to get the images back online, apologies for the inconvenience. We will let you know as soon as the are back online.

  3. jwrobinson says:

    All the images from the diary should now be online. Apologies for the delay, we think our servers were overloaded with hits!

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