Digitising the Grenada Archives

St. Georges where the project is taking place

The digitisation of the Grenada archives is an extremely important project, both to protect the very fragile and ‘endangered’ material, and to open up access to some incredible information and history.

“The project focuses on digitising 132 volumes of deed records and local government correspondence which provide a crucial source for understanding the major political, social and economic transformations of the Southern Caribbean. These rare sources can also be used to reconstruct the experiences of the everyday and subaltern lives.”

Today, I met with Camillo Stewart, the project photographer, and Dr. Curtis Jacobs, the project leader. Camillo showed me some of the work that has already been carried out, and the set up which they are using. Currently, the project is using a Nikon D700 to capture the images.

A page from a 1700's manuscript

On Monday I will be presenting to the team, and some invited guests from the Grenadian Government, on the importance of digitisation, and what we do back in the UK. Hopefully, Dr. Jacobs and his team will be able to expand their work, and digitsise a whole host of other material, that is in desperate need of attention.

Dr. Laurence Brown of the University of Manchester, who acquired the funds for the project from the British Library, will be joining me, and we will be holding a workshop on best practice for digitisation. Hopefully, we will also be teleconferencing with other islands in the area, advising them on similar digitsation bids.


4 thoughts on “Digitising the Grenada Archives

  1. harperanna says:

    Sounds really exciting Jamie, looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

  2. bdosparks says:

    I am a Grenadian – and I’m completely shock and surprised to read about this project. Of cause I am more than happy that *someone* out there cares enough to start such a project (truly tears are in my eyes as a write this). We have lost so much through stormed and poor resources that it breaks my heart. Yet to discover this through a random search on the web is saddening. I never saw anything of it in our press, there is no talk of it (true many have little time or care to spend energy on preservation, I believe I’m a rare oddity in my country). But thank you.

  3. Jason Evan Baldwin (Evans/Gun-Munro) says:

    Where are the originals? Grenada museum of Canada museum ?

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