Grenada Archive Digitisation pt 2

Presentation at the Univeristy of the West Indies

Today I gave my presentation at the University of the West Indies, to the team and invited guests from the public library and government. It’s a whole different ball game setting up and working over here. Storage of items is a major issue, there just isn’t the space to move archives into suitable conditions. Luckily, thanks to this project, many positive changes have already taken place, re packaging and organising much of the material.

19th century criminal records in the Supreme Court Regisrty

Miss Patsy Baptiste, and Miss Roxanne Edwards have been working in the office of the Governor General and the Supreme Court Registry respectively, cleaning, organising and repackaging the material to digitise.

Sorted correspondence at the Governor General's office

The office of the Governor General holds Government correspondence, letters and records, dating back to the 18th century. The Supreme Court Registry holds many records relating to slavery, criminal records, land deeds, execution records and other historical documents. The space the archives are held is actually the next room along to where the executions used to take place, and apparently, the archives are also haunted!

Criminal Records, sorted and re packaged

Tomorrow, we will be looking at some very fragile documents, and working out the best way to photograph them. Dr Laurence Brown will also be giving a lecture to the University.


More tomorrow…….




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