Goodbye Grenada!

Today is my final morning in wonderful Grenada. A long journey back to Manchester now awaits!

Yesterday, we looked at some material in extremely poor condition. These documents are some of the worst affected by hurricane Ivan in 2005. There are some very worrying signs of mould throughout the manuscripts, and some even still feel damp, which means mould spores could still be active. As some of the pages have dried, they have became very brittle, and it is difficult to even turn a page without damaging it. The advice was to leave well alone! Perhaps future funding bids could be applied for which could pay for conservation of these incredibly important items.


One of the worst damaged manuscripts


Signs of mould

Dr Laurence Brown also presented his paper about migration of the Grenadian people during the 18th and 19th century. It was a very interesting look at some of the social history that has been gleamed from some of the material we have been looking at during my visit.

It has been a pleasure staying here for the week, I have had such a fantastic trip, and met so many incredible people. Hopefully, other similar projects will get funding all over the Caribbean, and our team will be involved on a much greater level. There is so much valuable material that is in danger of being lost forever.



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