Archives and Records Association training day

Conservator Mark Furness prepares the re-moistenable tissue


Last week Elaine attended a training course organised by the Archives and Records Association at Staffordshire Record Office.

Lara Artemis ACR who is a conservator at the British Library and at the Parliamentary Archives gave a presentation about the technique of using re-moistenable adhesive support tissues.

Re-moistenable tissue is a pre-pasted/adhesive coated repair tissue prepared in advance by the conservator, that can be re-activated with a little moisture and applied to support damaged material.

The tissue is useful for those involved in digitisation projects because it is prepared in advance and can be activated easily, which makes it ideal for use when working away from the conservation studio with a limited tool kit.

This method of supporting torn or damaged material can be easily reversed making it suitable for temporary repairs.

Re-moistenable tissue is prepared by the conservator in advance, which allows the conservator to specify the materials used in its production. The adhesive used to pre-paste the tissue and the qualities of the repair tissue can be varied to suit a particular application. As a result re-moistenable tissue can be used to repair a diverse range of materials from modern records to parchment.


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