Giant Koran

As mentioned before Christmas, this week sees the start of a new digitisation project: ‘Gateway to the Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri’ (funded by TIMA).

Jim Duff assessing the Koran in Collection Care.

The digitisation of the manuscript is no easy feat. Due to its size, special care has to be taken when moving the volume around. The manuscript is large in fact, it won’t fit in the goods lift which we need to use to get it to the photography studio, laying flat as it should be. For the trip, it will be have to upended, padded out, boxed and wrapped to ensure it will be safe on its journey. Also, we will not be able to fit it under our copy stand in the studio. Elaine and Jim will be fashioning a special mount to keep the manuscript comfortable during digitisation.

The whole process is expected to take about 3 weeks.  There is a project blog where we will be recording our progress and showing you some of the techniques we have adopted to digitise the manuscript as best we can, while keeping it as safe and comfortable as possible.


2 thoughts on “Giant Koran

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