Nehemiah Wallington Diaries

The English Civil War diary of Nehemiah Wallington, is part of the magnificent book collection held at Tatton Park which we digitised last year.  It has now been fully catalogued and available online for free.  You can find the full manuscript, cover to cover, here. If you would like to find a specific entry, say, about witch trials, simply search for ‘witchcraft’.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Tatton Park for allowing us to come and photograph some of their wonderful manuscripts and make them more widely-available via the internet.

The John Rylands Image Collections holds some 55,000 images, from all across our collections. There are a number of different collections to browse too, such as the Genizah Collection, the Medieval Collection and the Papryi Collection – please have a browse!


31 thoughts on “Nehemiah Wallington Diaries

  1. jwrobinson says:

    We are working very hard to get the images back online, apologies for the inconvenience. We will let you know as soon as the are back online.

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  3. jwrobinson says:

    All the images from the diary should now be online. Apologies for the delay, we thing our servers were overloaded with hits!

  4. jwrobinson says:

    Thank you for your comment. That is indeed the diary itself. It is often safer not to use gloves, especially on an item with fragile leaves. Cotton gloves can snag on page edges, increasing the risk of tears. Using latex free gloves doesn’t allow us to feel the page, hence too much pressure may be applied, again, risking tears. Our hands are as clean as possible however! All staff have exstensive handling training, and the manuscript was in no way damaged.

  5. jwrobinson says:

    We are extremely sorry, the images returned but the servers have since gone down again. The IT department are trying their very best to get the images back online. Please bear with us!

    • jwrobinson says:

      When the images are fixed, the link will direct you straight to the thumbnails of each page. When you click on one, it will open up the workspace where you can zoom and read all the metadata relating to each page.

  6. _Susan_ says:

    Looking forward to reading the accounts of this man. It was a truly troubling time.

  7. michael says:

    I’m so excited to read into a glimpse of what it was like so many hundreds of years ago, im so glad i came across an article that talked about this site, and the diary..

  8. edu says:

    I’m waiting for the digitize images; the stories behind the images would support or disprove its genuineness. I hope it will be soon.

  9. jwrobinson says:

    No, as I have said, our image servers are currently down. You do not need to download anything. It happened at the worst time we understand. It is possibly due to such high traffic. The problem will be fixed as soon as possible. We will post when the servers are back online.

  10. Mark Fritz says:

    Probably the link from Coast to Coast Am website that caused all the hits all at once.

  11. cassandra says:

    i hope to see the diaries of nehemiah wallington soon. It is a very interesting subject with alot of controversy. Why kill the ones who didn’t confess but spare the ones who did?

  12. Jan Anders says:

    Please e-mail me when the site it up again.

    Thank you

  13. Alex says:

    Sounds like people I know in South Caroloina.

    Amazing at how after hundreds of years the descendants of these Purtians in America still believe in witches, gods, and killing people that are possesed by the devil.

    Even more crazy is that some of them are now Republicans in Congress!

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  15. I greatly admire the magic of Education which enables History to be written down. I am anxious to read the ‘Witch story’ .

  16. I really wish to read the witch story.

  17. kimmie0 says:

    Thank you, awaiting updates.

  18. Laurie says:

    Might be due to London Free Press running an article on Friday March 4th. Well, maybe not due to it, lol, But I am sure it doesnt help. They pumped it up. Anyhow, looking forward to reading the diary when it does get up and running.

    Good Job
    ( I think)

  19. jwrobinson says:

    Images are currently back online, so the diary should no be available.

  20. I as sort of a history buff would love to be able to read this site. This time period plays a huge role in both English and American history.

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  22. Michael Whitney says:

    Glad to have the chance to see this. My family left England at this time so I will be interested in seeing what it was like at that time.

  23. Ronnalie says:

    I am wondering when the images will be available again for viewing. I have been trying for about 1 month now to read several of the stories. I did begin with the Archbishop’s trial, and am eager to read more. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  24. Lesley Lodge says:

    Tried all these links today and I can’t find the images – can anyone help please?

  25. Ben Tallamy says:

    Hi there,

    Was wondering if anyone has a working link to the journals. The links I’ve found all appear to be dead.


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