Life-Share Digital Collaboration Colloquium

The Life-Share project held its Digital Collaboration Colloquium yesterday, (29/03/2011) over in Sheffield. Gwen and Jamie, our photographers, attended the event, and gave a short presentation about CHICC and digitisation in a public space. The day was chock full of presentations, an hour of Pecha Kucha sessions and a fantastic round table discussion with some key figures from other digitisation projects. The whole event was tweeted all day too, with everyone participating, raising and discussing points online.

Our  presentation did run on a little (twice as long in fact), but were assured we raised some very interesting ideas! At least we didn’t run into lunch. Our Presentation can be downloaded here;

DCC presentation

Other projects discussed, including the Life-Share project’s fantastic Digitisation Tool Kit are linked below. The tool kit is a fantastic resource  for anyone thinking of undertaking a digitisation project, based on 4 stages, PLAN, GET, SAVE, SHARE.

Another very interesting aspect of the day, was the Life-Share presentation, looking at collaborations. They started out with the 5 stages of the ‘Collaboration Continuum’, from a 2008 OCLC report, snappily titled; ‘Beyond the Silos of the LAMs’(PDF)


As our project and current work is all about looking for partners, this model of collaboration definitely gave us some things to think about. It was great to hear other experiences and ideas about using social media, crowd-sourcing and online tools in digitisation, again a subject we have been looking at very closely at.

A very successful day, and we even got some gifts to bring home!


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