3D: Digitise, Deliver, Discover

On Monday the 6th of June, CHICC will be part of a very interesting conference here in Manchester. ‘3D: Digitise, Deliver, Discover‘ is being hosted by the University Of Manchester in the Manchester Conference centre. Unlike most events of this kind which tend to be highly specialised, 3D will be wide-ranging and aimed at a broader target audience, to include academics and students, technical experts and digital novices with an interest in digitisation.

Speakers at the conference are at the cutting edge of current digital thought and practice and include:

  • Paola Marchionni – JISC
  • Michael Popham – Oxford Digital Library
  • Michael Stocking – Armadillo
  • George Pitcher – Heron
  • Adrian Brown – Parliamentary Archives
  • Dave Thompson  – Wellcome Library

Over the course of the day, through a series of case studies and panel discussions, we will explain, develop and harness the needs of the initiator, maker and user of digital content by exploring various themes which will then inform the:

  • development of digitisation strategy
  • showcasing of e-learning and heritage digitisation projects (current, future and completed)
  • practical implementation of our strategy at Manchester through the establishment of structures, and the delivery and promotion of projects and services
  • external projects  and case studies
  • digitisation from all angles – the process, the product, the preservation, the publicity, and the end user including the academic and student perspective

The CHICC team will have a stand, and will be giving advice on digitisation, and showcasing our equipment and services. To register for the event, please see the information page here


One thought on “3D: Digitise, Deliver, Discover

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