Latin MS 114: Mortuary Roll

We have recently published Latin MS 114, which is a beautifully decorated mortuary roll of Elizabeth Sconincx abbess of Foret, now Vorst, a benedictine nunnery near Brussels, Belgium.  The roll dates from the fifteenth century and records the presentation of the roll, the date and the prayers asked for.  The general course of the wanderings of the Roligerlus started from Brussels in September 1458 and returned to Braine early in June of 1459.  Approximately 383 entries are recorded on this roll.  To view images please click on the following link: Latin MS 114

Latin MS 114: Mortuary Roll of Elizabeth Sconincx


2 thoughts on “Latin MS 114: Mortuary Roll

  1. Mikki says:

    Beautiful artwork; would like to see translations made, if not all parts, some of those that name people that prayers were said for and the dates. Not all of us who find this interesting can read latin, etc.

    • Suzanne Fagan says:

      Dear Mikki,

      Thank you for your feedback. We aim to make our collections accessible to the general public, researchers and academics. We appreciate that not everyone is able to read Latin and we hope in the future to provide transcriptions/translations of material that has been digitised. We have already begun to do this with English MS 7, Forme of Cury.

      If you are interested in more detailed information about Latin MS 114 I would recommend that you consult: James, M.R., A Descriptive Catalogue of the Latin Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library at Manchester (Manchester, 1921). In the catalogue James provides a list of the entries but I am afraid to say that it is still in Latin but easier to read.

      An online version of this catalogue is available at

      If you have any other comments or feedback which will help improve our image collections please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Best wishes


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