It has been a busy few days for the CHICC team, and will continue to be so over the next few months!

  • On Monday 6 June we all attended the Digitise, Deliver and Discover conference, organised by the JRUL.  The short talk by photographer Jamie & Middle Eastern studies Librarian Paul Tate covering the digitisation of the Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri from the history and importance of the Koran itself, to the virtual copy in Turning The Pages, and press coverage on was extremely well-received, and the CHICC stand was always surrounded by conference delegates.
  • On Tuesday 7 June Jamie, Elaine & Carol were off to Birmingham for the Open Culture 2011.
  • Next week Jamie will be attending the AHFAP 2011 international conference (follow him live using #ahfapconf).  This three-day conference (14-16 June) is aimed at photographers working in the cultural heritage sector, such as museums, galleries and libraries, and encourages photographers employed in this sector, from all over the world, to participate in a conference to discuss cultural heritage photography.
  • Gwen & Elaine are due to attend the CILIP Umbrella 2011 Conference on 12-13 July at the University of Hertfordshire… (follow us using the #UB11 hashtag).
  • Jamie and Carol will be going to the  Seventh Islamic Manuscript Conference, held at the University of Cambridge, on 12-14 July.

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