Latin MS 420 and Latin MS 155

We have just added to our image collections images of the complete volumes of Latin MS 420 and Latin MS 155.

Latin MS 420 (Leges Angliae) is one of the earliest in our manuscript collections, dating from the middle of the twelfth century.  The MS is written on vellum by an Anglo-Saxon scribe in a beautiful hand.  It is missing the section containing the ancient laws of England from the reigns of  Canute I, King of England, 995?-1035 and Alfred, King of England, 849-899 but includes the time period from Athelstan, King of England, 895-939 to Henry I, King of England, 1068-1135.  The MS concludes with a copy of the agreement made between Stephen, King of England, 1097?-1154 and Henry II, King of England, 1133-1189 in 1153 where it was agreed that Stephen would remain king for life, and that Henry should succeed him upon his death.  This is the earliest known copy of this treaty.

Latin MS 155 (Leges Angliae) is a copy of, possibly the oldest known, of what Dr. F. Liebermann has called Leges Anglorum Londoniis collectae.  Similarly to Latin MS 420, it contains the ancient laws of England beginning with the reigns of  the early Anglo-Saxon kings through to the reign of Henry II, King of England, 1133-1189.


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