A Digital Christmas Carol

Following on from the addition of the Forme Of Cury to the Ebook Treasures site, A beautiful manuscript edition of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol is now available. The Manchester artist Alan L. Tabor (1883-1957) created this richly illuminated manuscript o fA Christmas Carol, which was published in facsimile by George G. Harrap in 1916. Tabor wrote the entire text by hand and decorated it in the medieval style. His widow donated the manuscript to the John Rylands Library in 1958.

The digital version is available now from iTunes and the Ebook Treasures site.

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One thought on “A Digital Christmas Carol

  1. diana McNeil says:

    Hello CHICC Manchester,

    I have been looking for information on this book ( A Christmas Carol ) for quite a while now.

    I received as a gift, a copy of one published by the Hubbell Publishing Co. , New York

    My print which is stuck to the Marleys Ghost page is different than yours!

    ON the title page there is no drawing of the designer as you have..Where you have…

    Designed by
    Alan Tabor

    Mine reads…

    Designed by
    Alan Tabor
    with Frontispiece by
    Monro S. Orr.
    Published by
    the Hubbell Publish
    ing co new york

    I have not been able to find any information about the Hubbell Publishing company on line,
    I have no Idea what date this version was printed,

    My Stave four page is identical to yours, so i would hope the entire book is the same

    can you enlighten me with any other information about this book, ie, how many were printed and how much a copy was at that time in the early 900s.
    and possibly a value today…only curious..I love it too much to sell it!

    Thank-you, Diana J. McNeil

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