Camera comparison

People always wonder what the differences are between different resolutions of camera. It’s all well and good saying the resolution is better, but what does that actually mean? We have just photographed an interesting comparison between 3 of our cameras, the IQ180, P25+ and P65+. (the P45+ is at the other studio) Each camera has a resolution of 80mp, 22mp and 60.5mp respectively. All 3 images were photographed on the large copystand, using a Phase One 645DF body with a Phase One 120mm macro lens, lit with Profoto D1 studio lights. camera set at f12, 60/sec.

The same image at 100%

The real differences are visible when zoomed in at 100%. The detail from all 3 cameras is great, but the IQ180 really shows its worth on an item like this. When photographing items, we always consider which camera is best for the job. Luckily, we don’t really have any space issues, so the 80mb raw files from the IQ180 don’t pose a problem. However, we tend to use the P25+ for basic items like letters and normal printed material. Any manuscripts, early printed material, objects or art like the 16th Century binding used here, requires the higher resolution the IQ180 gives us. The files we upload into LUNA are high resolution TIFF, that are converted into JPEG2000.

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