Christianus Prolianus ‘Astronomia’ 1478.

Folio 58v - Comparative view of the magnitudes of the Sun (a large disc of burnished gold), the Moon (silver), Mars (gold), Venus (gold), Mercury (gold) and Earth (pale). Folio 59 recto - two large gold discs representing Corpus Saturni and Corpus Jovis.

Following on from the recent digitisation of 9 Latin manuscripts, we have just finished the photography of Latin MS 53, Christianus Prolianus’ ‘Astronomia’, from 1478. This stunning manuscript is a study of the solar system, astronomy and eclipses. Not only does it include beautiful diagrams of the planets as shown above, the illumination throughout is quite beautiful, including details of parrots and other flora and fauna, which is said to have inspired William Morris, one of the manuscripts former owners, in his design work.

A detail of the illumination of folio 24r showing 2 parrots

Once the images have been edited, as ever it will be uploaded into LUNA for all to see. Watch this space for more details.

The Solar System, with Earth at the centre. Followed by water, air, fire, the Moon. Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

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One thought on “Christianus Prolianus ‘Astronomia’ 1478.

  1. mraggett says:

    Nice lighting on the gold leaf – always a tricky one to get right!

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