A Christmas Carol on display, Shakespeare’s Sonnets on your iPad!

Alan Tabor's Christmas Carol Manuscript, on display at The John Rylands Library

Following on from the Ebook Treasures release of the digital version of our Christmas Carol manuscript, the original is now on display in the Spencer Gallery at the John Rylands Library. We have also added the digital version to the turning the pages kiosk, letting users see the full manuscript even without an iPad.

We are also pleased to announce that as well as the release of a Christmas Carol, you can now also purchase a copy of the FIRST EDITION of Shakespeare’s Sonnets from Ebook Treasures. This edition was originally published on 20th May 1609 during Shakespeare’s lifetime.

Title page from the first edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Both digital books are available through the Ebook Treasures website, and A Christmas Carol is currently a featured book in iTunes!

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16 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol on display, Shakespeare’s Sonnets on your iPad!

  1. This is a gorgeous piece if work. Thank you for making this version of Shakespear’s sonnets available to everyone.

  2. Gigih says:

    It is amazing, thanks

  3. Catherine Nicolson says:

    Re ‘A Christmas Carol’: I am Alan Tabor’s grand daughter and live in London. My mother, the poet Dee Nicolson (formerly Tabor), his only daughter, is now 91 and lives in the Isle of Man. It was her mother Florence Tabor (formerly Black) who gave the original manuscript to the university library after her husband’s death. Alan Tabor’s only son, also Alan Tabor, is no longer alive, but his widow lives near London, as does his daughter Judith and her family. Judith has a younger brother, Richard Tabor. If you’d like more details about how to contact any of Alan Tabor’s descendants I’d be happy to give them to you. It’s very good that his work is reaching a wider audience and becoming ‘illuminated’ in every sense of the word!

    • Hi Catherine – nice to have finally found a relative of Alan Lansdown Tabor. I´m a great admirer of Alan´s calligraphic work, and I came to him as being a Beatles fan and collector. For years I´d been looking for an original copy of Alan´s FRIAR PARK map [and got one]. George Harrison of the Beatles had been the last owner of that estate which still belongs to the Harrison family living there.
      Besides this map, I´m also collecting any of Alan´s beautiful works, and have already acquired a small collection of vintage broadsides.
      Could you please get in touch with me – thanks.

      • David Cooper says:

        Dear Gerhard
        I am a fellow Friar Park enthusiast and I saw you mentioned in the acknowledgements to the facsimile 1919 catalogue. I am keen to get hold of some original floor plans (1919 or before) and I was wondering whether you had come across any. If so please let me know

        Many thanks and kind regards

        David Cooper

    • Walter Hall says:

      Hi Catherine

      I have one of Alan’s original works, in this case an illuminated address to a winner of the DFC in WW1 and presented by Stretford District Council. The item is in superb condition having been kept in its original frame since 1920. Unfortunately the frame was very distressed and could not be saved, so I have had it reframed in a sympathetic manner. I do believe there were several of these addresses prepared in the 1920s and presented to gallantry award winners by the Council but I have yet to come across another.

      Walter Hall

      • Hi Walter,
        I´m a collector of Alan´s work, already owning several vintage items. I´d be interested in getting a proper scan of this work – please contact me – thanks, Gerhard Bohrer

    • Hi Catherine, could you please contact me concerning Alan Tabor´s work – thanks, Gerhard
      Contact: gerhardbohrer@web.de

  4. Andrew Wagstaff says:

    I have come across by shear good fortune an illuminated (broadside) poem printed by Alan TABOR, the poem is called ‘the glorey of the garden’ it is slightly larger than A4 and states printed by kind permission of Rudyard KIPLING, how rare is the work, can anyone help? Thanks Andy.

    • jwrobinson says:

      Thanks for your comment Andrew. It sounds like you’ve came across something pretty special there! I can’t say how rare this would be, but I can’t see anything anywhere else regarding this! is it printed, or a hand made copy?

      • Andrew Wagstaff says:

        Hi, thanks for your prompt reply and interest shown. I can only assume the poem is a print, I have searched the web and found the same item owned by the National Trust, please see the link below, I have been unable to locate any further prints of the same, anyway please let me know your thoughts and comments having viewed the poem.

        Kind Regards

      • jwrobinson says:

        Hi Andrew, The poem looks stunning. Might I suggest getting in touch with the National Trust? I’m afraid I can’t find anything more than Google can tell me. Good Luck!


    • Hello Andrew – I´m a collector of Alan Tabor´s works, already owning some original broadsides, poems, mottos, certificates, scrolls and other items – I´d be interested in getting high resolution photos of your poem [complete/close-ups] – please conatct me: gerhardbohrer@web.de – thanks, Gerhard.

  5. Walter Hall says:

    How do I contact you?

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