Haitham’s first project

Haitham digitizing Rylands Arabic MS 18

For my first digitisation project with the CHICC team, we have worked on an Arabic Manuscript, a Qur’an  from around 1000 a.d.

The manuscript is written beautifully in gold, on quite thick vellum.

We encountered a couple of issues while photographing the manuscript. The vellum pages tend to not always want to stay flat, and want to spring back to their closed position. By using 2 clear acrylic spatula’s to hold the page flat, we were able to get a clear distortion free image.

Photographing on the cradle, gave the gold script a beautifully illuminated effect, due to the lights being above the page. The cradle also supports the manuscript perfectly throughout the digitisation.

Title page of the Manuscript

TO capture the images, we shot using the 80mp IQ180 back. This gave incredible definition, allowing us to see the cracks and missing areas of pigments throughout.

A close up image of gold text

Cataloguing is currently taking place, and the images from the Quraan will be available on LUNA in the near future.

Next week, we will be working on more manuscripts and a selection of Papyrus fragments.


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