The problem with Colour.

Colour is the biggest problem we face when digitising an item. How can an item have true colour representation universally? Not everyone’s monitor is the same, and certainly not everyone’s monitor is calibrated. There are many different ways an image can be altered and corrected to gain true colours. Search for a painting on Google images. How many examples of the same painting appear, but have totally different colours? how about Van Gogh’s sunflowers? Or The Lily Pond by Monet?

Rylands Latin MS 159, Evangelia Metz, a Gospel book from 12th Century Germany. Pictured is St. Matthew

Above is an example of the problems we are coming across when people are ordering images from us. The image on the above right is already in Luna, and was photographed back in 2002 on transparency film. The image on the left, was taken today, using the phase one IQ180, Profoto D1 flash heads, and colour calibrarted in Capture One using an X-Rite Digital SG colour checker. As you can see, there is a dramatic difference in colour.

One of the many advantages of using digital to capture the images, is that we can see on screen, instantly what the image is going to look like. In this case, we were able to hold up the actual manuscript next to the digital image and compare the output.

The old image which is on Luna currently, will be replaced very soon. Any instance of someone ordering an image which has been photographed using transparency will also be replaced.

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