The Art of Illumination

From Rylands English MS 1, The Siege of Troy

We had a wonderful tweet from one of our followers via Twitter (of course) the other day. Our work has inspired Natasha Gdansk, or, @parchmentbanshe to post a poem over on the The Lost Beat blog;

Art of Illumination

 Strictly capital gent

Tangos with that flourished temptation

Harmoniously gliding and dipping

Into pure gold leaf

The bold dapper lets his seductive partner sashay

And descend into sepia and indigo

With her pointed stilettos and boisterous past

Entanglements flirting with

Angelic wings and

Questionable acts along the fringes

Hidden between the cinnabar dreams

And saffron visions

Teasing with rubric lace

Across the vellum dance floor

Transporting through time with bold hues

Delighting with their tantalizing textures

Stunning the senses

With a bold stroke of the quill

Instilling memories to be

Preserved throughout infinity.

Amazing Natasha! Thank you!

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One thought on “The Art of Illumination

  1. It is my privilege to pay homage to such talented people who share so much beauty with the whole world. Thank you for your kindness!

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