CHICC goes to Blackpool!

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On Thursday 12th April, Carol and the CHICC photographers headed to Blackpool Illuminations to photograph some plans from their archive. It was a very successful trip and we were even treated to a personal tour of the Illuminations Factory. We were digitising a range of Illuminations plans which dated from the 1930s right up til the present day. All of the plans are stunning and we are looking forward to seeing them in Professor Vanessa‘s new book. So, watch this space! We will add some images of the plans themselves when the book is launched, but for now, heres some photos from our Illuminations tour.

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2 thoughts on “CHICC goes to Blackpool!

  1. Moorbank says:

    A lot of the illuminations displays were lost in a huge fire at the Local Authority depot in Rigby Road in June 2011. Luckily most were able to be saved but some old favourites were lost forever.
    Turned out it was arson and some kids playing about. ;-(

  2. […] our initial experiments with Spectral Imaging, working with more amazing partners, including Blackpool Illuminations and the National Trust. There have been many books and manuscripts digitised from our own […]

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