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I’m Doris Begley, a 15 year old student from Chorlton who came to the Rylands on a work experience placement.

I wanted to come here because I’ve always liked taking photos, but wanted to know the more technical side of photography and editing.
Over these two weeks, we mainly worked on digitising a collection of Sanskrit manuscripts. Some of these were really big and took hours to photograph, and even longer to edit. But some of them were only a couple of pages and were digitised quickly.
We also worked on digitising a collection of Glass Plate Negatives and their prints which were found in the basement, which are photos of a Victorian family who are very well-off but not direct aristocracy. I found these very interesting to photograph.
I also spent some time in the conservation department, learning about how to safely handle and store the old books.
The library is such a beautiful building and it has so much history, I really enjoyed taking photos of it. I saw a lot of the Rylands that members of the public wouldn’t be able to see and i was blown away by how many books there actually are. The basements are so big and they’re full of rooms full of shelves stacked with so many books.
I learnt a lot from being here, so thank you to everyone at the Rylands.

Work Experience at the Rylands


One thought on “Work Experience at the Rylands

  1. Well done Doris these photos are great!

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