Latin Manuscripts Digitisation Project

CHICC is pleased to announce the completion of the Latin Manuscripts digitisation project.

Ten of these manuscripts have recently been digitised for an academic project, in line with our Digitisation Strategy.  Study of these manuscripts is integral to ‘Writing, Power, Memory: The History of the Book in the Middle Ages’ a core course on the MA in Medieval Studies programme, led by the School of Arts, Histories and Culture at the University of Manchester.

Whilst access to originals remains essential, students will now be able to study the manuscripts remotely, giving them increased access to and familiarity with the material. Handling of the manuscripts will thereby be reduced, helping to preserve these unique and fragile items. Our aspiration is to digitise all significant medieval codices and add them to the Manchester Medieval Digital Library for all to see.

The manuscripts range in date from 9th century to the 15th century and include an illuminated manuscript on astronomy formerly owned by William Morris. See the complete list below: 

Latin MS 6, Peter Lombard’s Commentary on the Psalms, Himmerod, Germany, 12th cent.
Latin MS 13, Peter Lombard’s Commentary on Luke, Himmerod, Germany, 12th cent.
Latin MSS 29, 30 and31, Nicholas of Lyra’s Postillae (Bible commentary), Italy, 1402.
Latin MS 53, Christianus Prolianus, Astronomia, Italy, 1478
Latin MS 83, St Gregory’s Moralia in Job, Visigothic MS, Cardeña, Spain, 914.
Latin MS 98, Ottonian Gospels Book, Trier, Germany, c.1000.
Latin MS 104, Smaragdus’ Commentary on the Rule of St Benedict, Cardeña, Spain, 10th cent.
Latin MS 116, Psalter of St Maximin’s Abbey, Trier, Germany, 9th cent.

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