Blesseth the sicke. Hail Herman Inclusus!

“From straunge and dampe woodlands is borne Herman Inclusus, a plagve ridden scholar, chronicler and adept of an unheralded preisthood whoth sanctifies the Despondent. He has brought fourthe his collections of unholy relics and exhvmed icons to illuminate your pervertd souls. Blesseth the sicke. Hail Herman Inclusus. ”

Herman Inclusus is the pseudonym of Stuart Kolakovich. Here he will present new works “IN GREAT DECREPITUDE” inside a shed that has been converted to an Orthodox style church.

Stuart Kolakovic was born in the Midlands, UK – home to Black Sabbath and industrial pollution. Graduating from the Illustration course at Kingston University in 2007, his final major project, Milorad, an 80 page comic about his Serbian Grandfather, won a D&AD New Blood Award and came runner up in The Observer / Jonathan Cape, Graphic Short Story Prize.

Since graduating Stuart has worked consistently, consolidating his drawing, inspired and influenced by his Eastern European heritage and it’s folk art aesthetic. Whilst the visual impetus behind his work may be apparent, for Stuart, the need to communicate and to tell a story, is the most important aspect of folk art.

IN GREAT DECREPITUDE draws on inspiration from mythical and occult themes, illuminated manuscripts, orthodox iconography and Gothic literature. To see more of Herman Inclusus’ offerings, view his sacred vault online.

IN GREAT DECREPITUDE runs from 15th October 2012 until 27 January 2013 in the Historic Entrance.

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One thought on “Blesseth the sicke. Hail Herman Inclusus!

  1. rebelsprite says:

    Reblogged this on rebelsprite and commented:
    The Orthodox “inspired” anti-iconographer. For the church of Tim Burton. Curious what people’s reactions are….if there are any Orthodox actually reading my blog 😛

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