Art of Thomas Bewick

Recent additions to LUNA include a number of examples of the wonderful wood engravings of master engraver Thomas Bewick.  Thomas Bewick (1753 – 1828) was an engraver and natural history writer who re-popularised wood engraving in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  Major works include A History of British Birds  and A General History of Quadrupeds.   Amongst the images digitised are a number of examples of tail-pieces from A History of British Birds.  Tail-pieces are very small engravings used to fill the small spaces at the end of text sections; what is amazing about them is the great detail demonstrated in such tiny images and the obvious skill of Bewick who crafted them.  The image below is a tail-piece from The Fables of Aesop, and others, Bewick notably illustrated many editions of Aesop’s Fables throughout his life.

Waiting for death

Waiting for death


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