The Devilman of Ladysmith

Buried deep in the cellars of the John Rylands Library theres a few unique collections of very interesting things you may not expect to find. We’ve posted in the past about the Langford Brooke Glass Plate Negative Collection (see here,here, here, here, AND here!), but we also have a rather large and beautiful uncatalogued collection of glass lantern slides of the Manchester Geographical Society.

The Devilman of Ladysmith

Recently Alison Newby from the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre, part of the University of Manchester paid us a visit, and we showed her some of the collection relating to Africa and Colonialism. One of my favourite slides, ‘The Devilman of Ladysmith’ was one she was particularly taken with, and has written a fantastic post over on the Centre’s blog. Learn more here.


One thought on “The Devilman of Ladysmith

  1. aiucentre says:

    Many thanks for sharing CHICC! Hopefully we can inspire a few more people to investigate your glass slide collection down there in the basement, so much to discover for the intrepid researcher…

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