Instruction on Measurement with Compass and Ruler – Albrecht Durer

Following on from the recent John Rylands Special Collections Curious Finds blog post, where the Heritage Imaging Team were asked to investigate the pasted over Parabola in Albrecht Dürer’s Underweysung der messung mit dem zirckel un richt scheyt/Instruction on Measurement with Compass and Ruler. 

Multi Spectral Imaging had originally been discussed but as is sometimes the case, on closer inspection, our standard imaging techniques were more than capable of answering the question posed by our Reader.

Also, in this instance we decided to digitise the full volume as we found the contents of particular interest, with its woodcut illustrations of architecture, perspective, linear & solid geometry and the measurements of architectural decoration, fonts and engineering.

It can now be found online as Bookreader Object 19439 at Manchester Digital Collections.

Here are some of our favourites.

A Helice.

A spiral in space.

The mathematical analysis of letters.

The Designer of the Lute: Showing how to plot various points on the surfaces of the musical instrument by marking its shape by means of a string extended from a fixed point on the wall.


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